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We Bring Business Process to Life

Envision Your Digital Future

Aqueducts Consulting can help you engage your customers, optimize your operations, transform your products and empower your employees.

Dynamics 365

If you feel the basic financials and operations your company uses aren’t enough anymore, it may be time to look at putting a more modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into place. With newer ERP features and applications being developed all the time it’s important to investigate your options. Plus, in this competitive landscape, chances are that your peers are already updating their ERP systems and you want to stay relevant.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions help your organization to reduce the cost of doing business and improve customer service by connecting and streamlining your entire supply chain.

Cloud Services

Make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster, and fuel business growth using the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for, and on, Azure—bringing together ERP, business intelligence, infrastructure, compute, and database services.

Make smarter decisions. Faster.

Give your entire company access to the business intelligence (BI) they need—whenever and wherever they need it. By integrating BI into your company’s office tools, you’ll transform your data to enable greater insights for faster, more informed decisions.

Productivity Tools and Support Services

Aqueducts Consulting  provides complete pre- and post-launch support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX, and Power BI on all platforms including Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

We also offer a full support center and a host of productivity tools and templates to enhance your organizations ERP, business intelligence analytics, SQL deployments . These tools include:

Why Companies Choose Aqueducts Consulting

With Aqueducts Consulting implementation and support services you can dynamically reduce the cost of doing business, improve customer service by connecting and streamlining your entire supply chain.  Aqueducts has also leveraged the best services of the Microsoft Azure Cloud and developed the tools you need  to serve the fast-paced data intelligence needs of today’s businesses.  

Expert Implementation Teams

The Aqueducts teams of Microsoft Dynamics Certified consultants each have over 10 years of experience in implementing complex ERP solutions for our customers.   Our teams can help you integrate digital and physical systems; improve operational and financial visibility, manufacturing efficiency, supply chain management and business flexibility; and lower costs for our clients.    

Support Services

Aqueducts provides a comprehensive array of support services for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX . Our support group consists of a dedicated team of full-time support engineers and developers who leverage their real-world experience to provide excellent and timely customer support.  Our business has been built on maintaining excellent long-term business relationships with our customers and continuous development of our team of certified Dynamics professionals    

Powerful Productivity Tools

Our team of highly skilled development specialists can develop and deliver highly customized solutions to help you maintain your competitive edge and transform your enterprise.  We understand your business and business processes and can help you manage the complexities of business critical data and deliver a comprehensive and cost effective solution.     

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft’s approach offers a proven, end-to-end cloud suite to deliver integrated experiences across Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. Dynamics 365 is powered by an engine of intelligent applications that connect customers, products, people, and data—breaking down silos across marketing, services, sales, operations, finance, and talent. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses an open platform to bring data together and infuse it with intelligence to deliver digitally transformed business processes.

See How Microsoft Customers are Using Dynamics 365 Today

Contact your Aqueducts representative today and let’s get started on weighing your options. 

Together, we can develop a plan and approach based on where you are today on your data and infrastructure state, where you want to be, and the budget and schedule limits you are working with.

Contact your Aqueducts Consulting representative today!

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