A trip to the Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates feels like a trip into the past—a shift away from the technical noise of modern life toward a calmer, simpler era. 

Picture yourself as a guest touring the lush landscape of the Napa Valley hills: it’s Saturday; the sun is out; your senses are turned up to take in every sight, sound, and fragrance around you. Thick canopies of vines hang heavy with grapes in the morning light. The aroma of lush, freshly-turned earth fills the air. Rustic oak barrels sit patiently beside a wooden palisade, waiting to be moved to the cellar where time will work its magic on the contents of each cask.

Ste. Michelle is a great place to be—but what exactly goes into creating an experience like this? Their atmosphere is second to none, but atmosphere alone can’t create a world-class customer experience. What else is Ste. Michelle cultivating to make these experiences a reality? Can their team train their processes as carefully as the vines?

Let’s take a look at Ste. Michelle’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to find those answers.

Luxury Experiences Powered by Tech

Behind closed doors, the team at Ste. Michelle’s Wine Estates has made great efforts to streamline each guest’s experience at their vineyards. Backed by Dynamics 365, Ste. Michelle’s team has all the tools they need to achieve their company mission: deepen the connection between consumer and winery.

The customer engagement app makes it easy to track a guest’s preferences. Its integrated resource planning tools make orders easy to process. And thanks to the platform’s cloud-connected suite of point-of-sale solutions, employees can log all pertinent details during guests’ tours in real-time, getting a feel for what might strike their fancy—and, every so often, surprising a discerning palate with a new wine.

The Right System Behind the Scenes

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates appears both rustic and refined; just so, their business processes leverage a powerful software suite behind the scenes to delight their customers.

Are these guests thinking, though, about Microsoft’s role in this grape-to-glass supply chain? Not by a long shot. Guests are too focused on the sights, the sounds, and their experience at the vineyard. And that’s the point. 

Ste. Michelle shows us that, when done correctly, your company’s software solution should be nearly invisible in your operations. Guests aren’t concerned with the end-to-end software solutions that let Ste. Michelle’s provide that “wow” factor; their only worry is which wines they’re taking home.

And with a system like this, you can bet that Ste. Michelle moves plenty of bottles. They’ve trained their processes and Dynamics 365 integration right into the brand, right into the customer experience. This cultivation is hard work, but when you manage it, the backend processes recede to the background—leaving the rest of your brand free to focus on delivering first-rate customer experiences, and some great wine.