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Our Tools & Support Services Give You Big Insights for Even Bigger Impact

Create a data-driven culture throughout your organization. 

Easily share and collaborate on interactive data visualizations using Aqueducts Power BI tools  for self-service financial statements, reporting analytics and more…

Aqueducts has developed powerful productivity tools you need which leverage the best services of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to serve the fast-paced data intelligence needs of today’s businesses. 

 Utilizing our cloud productivity tools, we can help you integrate data from multiple sources, turn data into live visualizations, and extend BI directly into workflows and applications that empower your entire organization.

Leverage the Power of the Platform

Realize the value of organizational data by transforming it into insights so everyone can make decisions based on facts instead of opinions. Aqueducts tools leverage the power of the cloud while utilizing the following:

Connect & Automate

Aqueducts tools connects and automates the flow of data and insights between your existing data lakes, data warehouses, ETL tools, visualization tools, and more. Empower your teams by setting up automations to spend less time on back-end data integration and tedious, repetitive BI tasks, and spend more time leveraging data in business-critical processes. 

Deliver Faster Insights & Action

Give your teams access to unconnected data sets and gain trusted insights to help you make faster important decisions. Your data is never stale; real-time metrics are instantly available on any device.  

Share Your Solutions

Deliver the intelligence needs and insights of your business from the CEO to the frontline employees and customers.  Develop and use the  data-driven innovations that advance your competitiveness.

Discover how  Aqueducts Consulting  & Dynamics 365 Finance  Can Transform the Way You do Business

Whether you want hands-on experience in a trial environment or a live demo by a solution expert, we’re here to help you explore and evaluate Dynamics 365 Finance.

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